If I can prevent just one recall

After being asked to lead an investigation to find out what happened in a major recall and having to learn by fire, I quickly realized that there were no good resources to prepare me for what I was about to go through.

Sure, there is a lot of great information on recall prevention plans and regulatory guidance, written by some brilliant people, and all the things that an organization needs to do correctly to prevent a recall, but I will tell you, many of the things I experienced never appeared in any book or program, nor prepared me for my journey.

Although I had over 25 years of experience in both operations and quality at senior levels, combined with a solid education in biology, microbiology, business, and engineering management, along with all of the formal training programs a food manufacturing company offers, what I had experienced went deeper than this.

The lessons I have listed in my book “In The Midst of a Recall” and what I experienced may come across as basic and simplistic but were major misses in the recall process.

The chapters are quick and written to be used as a field manual, along with lessons learned and proactive guidance, which you can use to build your own custom program.

As you read it, you may even say, “Yes, of course, we would do that”, but I would ask that same question when you have Regulators, Senior Management from multiple organizations, Attorneys, Risk Managers, Insurance Auditors, Professional Consultants and the media all asking for answers, while everyone from within your organization thinks they know what actually happened and are calling and firing off emails on what the quick fix is.

What I found was that there was no quick fix or an issue that would simply blow over in a few days, it was real with incredible amounts of stress, and the stakes were high.

So, “In the Midst of a Recall” was written to help those going through a recall, combined with what one can do to add to your existing plans to prevent one.

If this book could help just one person or prevent One recall, then it served its purpose!

Thank you. Bob.

eBook available now on amazon and major bookstores this month!

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