In the Midst of a Recall shares the truth behind what really happens after receiving that dreaded call to initiate a recall. This book is part field manual, navigating through the pitfalls of a recall investigation and part proactive guide to prevent a potential recall.

The book provides guidance and suggestions to allow the reader a platform in which they can apply it to their specific industry or business

Bob Manning does things right. He is a student of the craft of “leadership” and an
expert in “food safety”. Pulling those two things together, he has designed an
exceptional leadership manual for food safety recalls. I highly recommend it.

Douglas R. Conant
Founder and CEO of ConantLeadership
Former President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company
Former President of Nabisco Foods Company

Working for a world leader in the food safety industry, I was proud to provide our in
vitro diagnostic solutions for Mr Manning’s experience. This book, based on a real-life approach, is very educational and can truly help companies facing similar situations to overcome quality issues and better drive operational performance.

Angelica O’Shaughnessy
Global Strategic Key Account Manager, BioMerieux

A savvy, from-the-trenches take on how to maximize consumer safety and minimize
business disruptions. Robert’s battle-tested command guides his readers, step by agile step, through effective management of a stubbornly unpredictable process.

Peter Biagetti

Great practical guide for anyone who wants to prepare for a recall and learn how to
show leadership and minimize chaos caused by a recall.

Peter Ferstl, PhD
Director of Food Safety – Process Authority, Niagara Bottling

Everyone who works in the food industry should read this book. It outlines in clear and detailed language not only what to do if you are ever involved in a recall, but also—far more importantly—it helps you make sure such an event never happens to your organization.

Even if your business already has a “recall plan”, my guess is that it is not nearly as comprehensive as Robert Manning’s excellent book.

Daniel Ekström

Do you want to keep living one recall to another or do you want to get proactive to keep from repeating the past. This book is a great guide to taking a more ‘management system’ approach.

 John W. Spink, PhD
Director, Food Fraud Prevention Academy
Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management, Business College,
Michigan State University


Order the book to guide your organization through the dreaded RECALL today. Buy early and learn strategies to prevent a RECALL.