January 2024 – 1/7 – 1/13 – 9 Recalls (9 FDA, 0 USDA)

Current FDA & USDA Recall Trends


Recall / Contributing Factor(s)

  • 1/12/24 – Food & Beverage – Mexican Tejocte Root Supplement – Product contains yellow oleander.
    • “WORLD GREEN NUTRITION, INC. is recalling ELV ALIPOTEC brand MEXICAN TEJOCOTE ROOT SUPPLEMENT PIECES (RAIZ DE TEJOCOTE MEXICANO SUPLEMENTO EN TROZOS), NET. WT, 0.3 0Z (7g), due to the presence of yellow oleander in this product. The consumption of yellow oleander can cause adverse effects on neurological, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular health that can be serious or even fatal. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, heart changes, arrhythmia, and more.” 1
  • 1/11/24 – Food & Beverage – Jelly Handbag and Jelly Backpack containing Jelly Bars – Product contains konjac powder and may present a choking hazard.
    • “(January 11, 2024) U.S. Trading Company of Hayward, CA is recalling Dragonfly jelly bars because it contains konjac powder and may present a choking hazard”. The recall was initiated after New York State Agriculture Department of Agriculture and Markets collected a sample of the jelly containing Konjac. Based upon the products containing the ingredient konjac and the dimensions, FDA has determined that the products present a choking hazard.” 2
  • 1/11/24 – Food & Beverage – Aged Cojita Mexican Grating Cheese – Potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination.
    • “The recall was a result of a routine sampling program by the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Food and Drug Branch on Wednesday, January 3rd which revealed that the finished product contained the bacteria. Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. has ceased the production and distribution of the product as the FDA and Rizo Lopez Foods continue their investigation as to what caused the issue.” 3
  • 1/11/24 – Food & Beverage – Cereal, bars, and snacks – Potential for Salmonella contamination.
  • 1/10/24 – Food & Beverage – Outrageous Oat Cookies – Undeclared Wheat
    • “Rochester, NY – Wegmans has initiated a voluntary recall of Outrageous Oat Cookies purchased from its in-store bakeries starting on January 3, 2024, because they may contain undeclared wheat. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to wheat run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.  The recall was initiated when it was learned that a wheat-containing ingredient was inadvertently included in the product. There have been no reported injuries or illnesses to date associated with this recall.” 5
  • 1/9/24 – Food & Beverage – Benny T’s Vesta Dry Hot Sauces – Due to Undeclared Wheat.
    • “On 1/4/24 the firm was notified by the North Carolina Depart of Agriculture and Consumer Services that the label does not state the flour used is a wheat flour.” 6
  • 1/9/24 – Food & Beverage – Publix Deli Carolina-Style Mustard BBQ Sauce – Due to Undeclared Fish.
    • “Ventura Foods of Brea, Calif. (Jan. 8, 2024) – has initiated a voluntary recall on Publix Deli Carolina-Style Mustard BBQ Sauce sold exclusively at Publix Super Markets, Inc., because it contains Traditional Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce that may contain a fish (anchovy) allergen that is not declared on the label. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to fish (anchovy) run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.” 7
  • 1/9/24 – Food & Beverage – Dried Longan – Undeclared Sulfites.
    • “The recall was initiated after routine sampling by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and subsequent analysis by Food Laboratory personnel revealed the presence of sulfites in the 5 ounce packages of Dried Longan which were not declared on the label. Analysis of the Dried Longan revealed they contained 22.21 milligrams per serving.” 8
  • 1/8/24 – Drugs – Vancomycin IV Bags, Phenylephrine IV Bags, and Fentanyl IV Bags – Potential for superpotent drug.
    • “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 5, 2024 – Englewood, Colorado, Leiters Health is voluntarily recalling 33 lots of products listed below to the user level. The recalled batches of vancomycin IV bags, phenylephrine IV bags, and fentanyl IV bags are being recalled due to the potential for superpotency because they may contain twice the labeled amount of drug. The semi-automated IV bag filling equipment used to fill the recalled batches may not eject the IV bags properly when compressed air tanks become low or a leak was detected, causing the recalled IV bags to be dosed twice.” 9

USDA = No Recalls Reported

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2 https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/us-trading-company-hayward-ca-recalling-dragonfly-jelly-bars-because-it-contains-konjac-powder-and

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